Monday, January 30, 2012

My New Color Day

Good Monday Morning Lovely Ladies,
  My color today is...White! Yes, a sought after color that means so much, and many things to all of us. Why do you love the color white?
  For me, this color signifies purity; it shows a fresh renewal, cleanliness and innocence. White is a brilliant color; a pearl and milk white. I think of ivory, old lace, linens, smoke and especially snow.
  White is a color that comes with a winter storm; It is the color that goes through the air with the sound of thunder. Have you seen white flowers blooming in the winter? White is a big happy snowman with a carrot nose. White is the feeling of being alone. It is beautiful snowflakes with shapes of their own. White is the air that fills my is paper, snow, clouds and the big bright moon! 
(Click on all pictures to enlarge. Please be sure to view the entire photo array for some awesome pictures!)
  These photos are awesome examples of how beautiful the color can be. Enjoy!

Beautiful white hats

 The hat above is a 1920's flapper wedding cloche, what beauty! 

A beautiful white kitchen above and these two lovely bedrooms are dressed for dreaming

A vintage bath with fluffy white towels for a relaxing bath

White pitchers for the kitchen
 White shoes
 Lovely white gown
 A beautiful white rose
 White daisies above
Exquisite white Orchid
Birch white frost
Fluffy white clouds
A beautiful white snow cat
A white Lamborghini

Or even, a white Mercedes

What about these awesome original white polar bears!

A beautiful descending Dove

Or, a white goose
 What a cute white Bunny

 I love this white guy!
A white Kangaroo?
 The cutest white kitten!
A white lovely!

And, the piece de resistance` These majestic, beautiful white tigers above and the white lions below. Aren't they awesome creatures?
Isn't white a beautiful color? For me, it it is faith, truth, peace and humility, a new beginning. White clears emotional clutter and silence the inner critic. White is sincerity, protection, spirituality, totality, endless and possibilities. Wouldn't you say it projects neutrality, safety and a happy home?
  Yes, white is a universal, positive neutral color that makes other colors sing harmoniously! Could white be the color for you?
  Thanks for visiting today and we wish you a Beautiful Week!

May Peace and Happiness be with You All,


  1. What beautiful "White" photos.... I Love that goose with the ruffled feathers & the Bedroom with the Twig wreathes about the bed ~ Thanks for sharing

  2. Happy Blessed Monday to you as well:) love the color white! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

  3. love that fabulous white hat; very beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous photos of white items, Loretta. My favorite is the white flapper cloche hat....Christine

  5. Gorgeous photos of white items, Loretta. My favorite is the white flapper cloche hat....Christine

  6. Loretta, these are such beautiful photos, I actually fell in love with the 1920's flapper wedding cloche hat. It's a true beauty!

  7. Beautiful examples of white. I could not have an all white room though.

  8. Such wonderful photos you've collected and shared with us! The bedroom and kitchen are drool worthy pics! I often fantasize for a big white kitchen. Funny thing is I hate to cook. I just want a big white kitchen for everyone to gather and eat take-out, lol!

    White is the perfect color. It's clean, fresh, innocent and calming!

    Sorry you have no Target my dear. At Least there's always on line shopping!


  9. Very pretty pics in white. I put down a white comforter and dang if the dog doesnt get it dirty too fast. What was I thinking, LOL... Have a great day Loretta. Hugs. LJ

  10. I love white too--it brings a sense of peace and serenity.

  11. This post is just pure lovely! I love white. Nothing like pure white!

  12. I do love the colors you choose, white, purity, love it, bless you this day as you serve him. Thanks for posting on my blog too dear, God bless you.

  13. White is so beautiful in its simplicity! Love that wedding cloche.

  14. you are invited to follow my blog

  15. Dear Loretta, Beautiful photo's. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Catherine xo

  16. This is a lovely post. You found some wonderful pictures. This proves that white is not boring.

  17. Hi Loretta, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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