Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Color Day Is Yellow

What says Sunshine better than the color Yellow! Is Yellow one of your colors of choice? What do you think of when you see yellow?
 Yellow recharges and uplifts, you gain clarity of thought...the color makes us happy in its many shades and hues. I am the color yellow bright and vibrant whereever I go. I smell sunshine and confidence
that encourages my strength...imagination fills my and happiness covers my face. I am the color yellow.

I am a beautiful yellow rose
A beautiful yellow gown

 All kinds of yellow shoes

I am even a bright yellow Lexus!

Yellow is the color that shines inside of me...yellow is feeling fun...
It's bright, it's light...its an amazing color! Yellow is the butterflies, bumblebees, lemons, fun flowers and falling leaves...It is the color inside of me!
Yellow is a beautiful Bedroom

Or a bright and fancy Bathroom

It is a yellow door...I like it!

Oh, a yellow fish!

Can we say we do not like Big Yellow Balloons that fly high in the big blue sky?

Yellow can be in all shapes and sizes

How about a bright yellow hat and a beautiful yellow purse!

But, sometimes, I like black with my yellow to give it some jazz!

I can't get this big yellow balloon out of my head!

I think yellow and white are the most endearing colors for a proper lady...don't you?
Wow, these shoes!
Don't you love this color yellow? The color for charming smiles, for youth; for exhuberence and cowardice...yellow is for warmth and make people smile is its purpose. I am the color Yellow!
We sure hope you enjoyed our color today...doesn't it remind you of a bright, warm and sunny day! James and I both are home on this very cold day...low 25. He went to doctor's office yesterday, and was  given a few days off for some R&R. Monday is a holiday, so that will give him more time off to get plenty of rest. He deserves  it! He sends his regards and says he will post one of his days at home, because he miss you all! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and ask that you give your pets a hug for us.
Warmest Regards,

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