Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Color Day Is Orange

  Orange is a close relative of the color red. But, did you know this color sparks more controversy than any other hue? Yes, but it is a fun and a flamboyant color that radiates warmth and energy. It is a color that stimulates activity in persons. It also stimulates appetite and encourages socialization. It symbolizes endurance, vitality, play and creativity.

  The color orange lust for life and its laughter is full-bodied. It promotes happiness, optimism and helps balance general well-being; it broadens the mind to cope with life and career. Did you know it is associated with joy, sunshine, the tropics, celebration, comfort and enjoyment of the senses. Think of it as enticing us with sensual pleasure: dancing flames, flamboyant autumn leaves and shimmering goldfish.

  It is the best emotional stimulant...increases self-esteem, confidence and strengthens a sense of identity.  Orange is the color of creativity, ambition, and drive...stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm, the willingness to embrace new ideas with enjoyment and a sense of exploration, creativity and play.

  Other words associated with the color orange are: fascination, friendliness, cheerfulness, adventure, outgoing, excitement, invigorating, sensuality, motivation, determination, courage, self-assured and power.

        What a beautiful room

 These three cars are powerful ones Audi-R8

                                  GTR car

            Isn't she a beauty!
          Orange Bridesmaid dress
            Orange Wedding Gown
           Orange Gerber Cake
             Wow, you say heels

                     Orange Prom Dress

More words associated with orange are: achieve goals, abundance, awareness, intellect, authority, harmony, emotional balance, strength and endurance.
 Beautiful Cloche 
 Matrix Hair
Church Derby
Fashion Hat

Orange sunset and sailboat

 Nature's beauty
 Orange Men's Shirt and bowtie
 Orange abstract

 An orange Rose

Orange Tablescape

  All these words are synonymous with the color orange. People who like this color, are usually thoughtful and sincere. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of the color, and with it comes exploration of new things, warmth, cheering, and it is non constricting...
  Orange has a freeing action upon the body and mind...relieving repressions. Has orange had an impact on your life? What do you like most about this color? Can orange be your color of choice?
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