Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Family Together

Hey to all. I didn't finish the last post but, my gal Loretta took over for me. I did take some pictures of Loretta's large family. I didn't/couldn't get them all because those kids were moving around faster than a jack rabbit in a patch of turnips!
  Friday nite, the 23th was Gumbo night, her sisters Patricia and Linda mustva' thought they were cooking for the whole town with all those large pots. Shrimps and crabs were stacked way high. You can see the gumbo on our 1st blog. 
  Saturday 24th, all the youngun's got their gifts, and games were played, especially bingo. Prizes were given for everything! No fireworks or fire this year because it rained and still raining. We need it though! Casseroles, and pasta-shrimp, etc., salad, breads, desserts- cakes, potato pies, peach cobblers, banana puddings, chocolate pies, pecan pies and the likes served with coffee.
  Sunday was the big meal. Turkey, smoked and fried, ham, some more shrimp, crabs, etc. cornbread dressing, greens of all sorts, mac-n-cheese, potato salad, candied potatoes, congealed salads, and I can't remember what else. I'm dizzy thinking about it-them sisters sure like to cook!  Heeeeeheeeee!
  Here are some of them in pictures: click on them to enlarge

This is our 2nd oldest daughter Vonetta. She came in Friday to help out with her Mom.

This is my 2nd grand Carly, Vonetta's only. She's headed off to college. She's made her old poppie proud! 

This gal here is Loretta's 2nd sister Linda with her hubs Willie

Well, i'm sorry 'bout this picture but these two sweet gals are my mom in-law on the left and aunt in-law on the right. They are serving up the Gumbo!

Auntie still serving Gumbo
Patricia, on the left, after cooking all that gumbo was real tired. That's Yvette another sister, sitting beside her and her daughter, Jackie sitting on the floor.
Jackie finally looked at me with the camera. That Briana, Yvette's grand, sitting in the chair.

There's my sweet mom in-law. She didn't want her picture took but I told her she was a looker all the time. That brought a smile to her face. I want ya'll to know, she's the best dang mom in-law God put on this earth!

Mikisha and her hubs. That's her youngun' there too!
They said this one is Anna, there's so many I can't remember 'em!
And this is Arlette's son  Rashard
This is Arlette in the kitchen cleaning up

Here's Eric. He's Patricia's oldest all 6'5" of him!

And this is Patricia's hubs LJ with one of his grand's JJ. Yep, we got a bunch of j's in this family!

  Loretta told me not to put all these pictures up, so I'll stop here, but I just wanted all of you to see what a good family I lucked into. All of us brother-in-laws feel this way! They are truly a loving and giving family. I guess that's why we love them some fierce!
  Have ya'll enjoyed your holiday? I did! Yeah I know its over, but there is still one more coming. You just might as well keep up the spirit!! Heeeheee! Guess I'll shut her down now.
Wish all of you a wonderful evening. Take care and be happy! Loretta sends her love to you too!
  This is the Hubster, ya'll be good now!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Morning Ladies

It is so good to be able to join you all once again, although it will not be one-hundred-percent.
  In case I haven't gotten around to visiting and thanking you, please accept this heartfelt thanks for your beautiful words of encougagement, well wishes and sentiments.

  James and I will be forever grateful for your generosity. Just to clarify for some who asked what really happened to me...

  I took cold meds that I had a reaction to, and the fall was from my passing out. My blood pressure and blood sugar went up extremely high.

  My poodle, Ashley...my love, is/was, who saved me from lying on that floor, by getting James' attention outside. Our connection is so strong and he's always looking after me.
  The hairs on the nape of my neck stand on end when I relate this! He has not left my side...I had to carry him to the doctor's office with me, but James sat with him in the car when I went in...he whined the entire time I was away!

  I am so thankful to the Lord for not having serious complications from this ordeal, my memory has been a little slow, and I have somewhat limited use of my arm and problems with my back from the fall, but PT will give me some relieve and of course, your prayers have helped! Thanks again!

Please don't forget to enter the giveaway on our blog #1...we thought we would include some sweets for the sweet friends who visit. lol.
So, hurry and enter to win. Hope you are having an outstanding day

Warmest Wishes, 

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Colors Today Are Green and Red

What are your immediate thoughts when you see the colors green and red together? Like this picture below...

Most would no doubt think of the Holiday, but there are so many other things to associate these two colors with...

Green is...the color of nature.
Green is balance, freshness, and outdoors. It is beneficial in all healing situations...it is exactly where green scores.

Green is for harmony, gratitude, and appreciation.

Green plants are appealing. Green is new...green is new life...green is life!

Red is...feeling brave with all your might. Red is courage.

Red is hotness sometimes you feel inside when you're embarrassed and you want to hide.

Red is...passion, excitement, vitality and action

Red is a show-off color...no doubt about it!

Red is...confidence, satisfaction...it displays love, beauty and affection. Red is a healing color...red brings warmth and comfort. It is courage, blood, desire.
Red is for danger and for fire...

But, is it a color that can be lived without?

Red is the giant-est color of them all! Red and Green really are the colors of Merriment...Happy Holiday!

Warmest of Regards,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Color Today Is Black

Good Morning My Pretties! What a lovely day it is!

My color today is one that is so misunderstood...by myths, folk lore the color black...and what it signifies. However, for me, blackness is the only color with the power to hold memories...to endure forgetfulness.  Black is...

                         Beauty in Animals

                                             In Food

                     Isn't He Beautiful?



                                 A Black Gothic Dress

                         A Beautiful Black Rose

                        A Black Galaxy

                                 Johnny A

                          A Black Room

                            More Black Berries?

                                         Lux Car

It can't be denied...Black is elegant, it is timeless, lithe and lasting.
Black is rich, appealing, and cool...it is the color black!
  Black is a starless night; Black kindles with mystery. Black is expression.
It is what it is...whatever you decide...it's still the color Black!
How do you feel about the color Black? Can it be your color?

Have a Wonderful Week! Love You Too!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Love Affair with Hats

   I love, love beautiful and colorful hats! Honestly, I don't wear them as I did when younger, however, I still have that special feeling about them.
  Women have adorned themselves with beautiful head-dress from back-in-the-day until now. I admire a woman who can wear and look good in the fashionable hats of today...because some of them, shall I say, are quite...wild! Those that are termed "church" hats have gotten to be quite colorful as well.

Admittedly, I really had a love affair with the "cloche". Even now, I find myself pulling one down from the closet to try it on...you know...checking myself out in the mirror. LOL.  Well, that's as far as it goes these days. That reflection that comes back to me isn't the same as that youthful, demure, look of earlier times, honestly.
Here are some beautiful cloche...they are quite stylish:

 There's an art to wearing a cloche. It fits closely with a floppy brim...the hat is designed to be worn low on the forehead and structured so that you must tilt your head and peer down your nose to see...This gives the wearer a slightly...haughty look.

 The cloche was quite popular during the 20's, but are slowly making their way back into fashion. This handmade one is adorned with flowers, buttons, etc. I love the colors.

Check out these Pretties that may strike your fancy



 Let's face it ladies, we wear what make us look and feel good! If the latest fashionable hat is the ticket, then wear it and wear it well!  
 Southern women are known for doing so, I suppose taking a cue from our neighbors across the ocean...wearing hats for the sake of wearing hats. Well, if you are going to be fashionable as others... always choose the best, right? If the hat fits...    Enjoy!

Have a super weekend and love love your family and friends! Give your pet a hug from us! Love You Softly!


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