Monday, January 30, 2012

My New Color Day

Good Monday Morning Lovely Ladies,
  My color today is...White! Yes, a sought after color that means so much, and many things to all of us. Why do you love the color white?
  For me, this color signifies purity; it shows a fresh renewal, cleanliness and innocence. White is a brilliant color; a pearl and milk white. I think of ivory, old lace, linens, smoke and especially snow.
  White is a color that comes with a winter storm; It is the color that goes through the air with the sound of thunder. Have you seen white flowers blooming in the winter? White is a big happy snowman with a carrot nose. White is the feeling of being alone. It is beautiful snowflakes with shapes of their own. White is the air that fills my is paper, snow, clouds and the big bright moon! 
(Click on all pictures to enlarge. Please be sure to view the entire photo array for some awesome pictures!)
  These photos are awesome examples of how beautiful the color can be. Enjoy!

Beautiful white hats

 The hat above is a 1920's flapper wedding cloche, what beauty! 

A beautiful white kitchen above and these two lovely bedrooms are dressed for dreaming

A vintage bath with fluffy white towels for a relaxing bath

White pitchers for the kitchen
 White shoes
 Lovely white gown
 A beautiful white rose
 White daisies above
Exquisite white Orchid
Birch white frost
Fluffy white clouds
A beautiful white snow cat
A white Lamborghini

Or even, a white Mercedes

What about these awesome original white polar bears!

A beautiful descending Dove

Or, a white goose
 What a cute white Bunny

 I love this white guy!
A white Kangaroo?
 The cutest white kitten!
A white lovely!

And, the piece de resistance` These majestic, beautiful white tigers above and the white lions below. Aren't they awesome creatures?
Isn't white a beautiful color? For me, it it is faith, truth, peace and humility, a new beginning. White clears emotional clutter and silence the inner critic. White is sincerity, protection, spirituality, totality, endless and possibilities. Wouldn't you say it projects neutrality, safety and a happy home?
  Yes, white is a universal, positive neutral color that makes other colors sing harmoniously! Could white be the color for you?
  Thanks for visiting today and we wish you a Beautiful Week!

May Peace and Happiness be with You All,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happenings At Our House

Good Day,
  An update on Hubster... He was feeling so much better over the weekend. I went on the net and found some things to do that gave him some relief from the pain and itching of the shingles.  Monday, he was almost back to himself and decided to go back to work today. Of course, I didn't agree with his decision...but what can you say...he had to go through it to understand. 
  Around 9AM, he was back home. He was driving to Texas in his truck and had to stop! He went back to doc's and he agreed, he's not ready to go back to work!
  This family has gone through so many trials and the experiences are not new, just different! With God's help, we have gotten through them all. This, although it threw me at first, will be handled just as all others...putting it in God's hands...trusting only Him. I found that little saying that I posted at the outset, and thought it would relate what we were feeling... Appropriate, huh?
  I'd like to thank all of you for your comments and encouragement and to let you know how deeply we appreciate them all! "Thank you" so very much! 
  James is asleep now, on this rainy and too warm day...doc gave him something to make him sleep. He wanted me to "thank you" and to send his regards to all of you!
We are Blessed to have such a huge family of friends!

Warmest Regards,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hubster Is Ill

Good Morning, I am a little sad, and very worried about the hubster today. Its like a dark cloud over me. Hubster has shingles and the breakout is bad! I suppose what is so hard about it is seeing him in pain...he has always been so health and the sight of him this way is hard for me to take. Sure, I know he is putting up a brave front for me, but I can tell he is in is so hard!
  Those red blisters are so big they look painful! I'm trying hard to hold it together, but it is sooo hard...If he suspects that I am hanging on by a thread... What can I do?

Please tell there anything I can do to help ease the burning pain? He has meds and benadryl was ordered, but he is still in pain.
Home remedies seem to help with other ailments, but this is something I don't have any dealings with. I use to hear my grand talk about it long ago and I always thought it was something folks had back then. Shows how much I know and how out of touch I am, huh?
  I would appreciate any good tips from those of you who know about this awful ailment to help hubster, and I know he will too! Thanks for your help! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
I will be so grateful,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Color Day Is Yellow

What says Sunshine better than the color Yellow! Is Yellow one of your colors of choice? What do you think of when you see yellow?
 Yellow recharges and uplifts, you gain clarity of thought...the color makes us happy in its many shades and hues. I am the color yellow bright and vibrant whereever I go. I smell sunshine and confidence
that encourages my strength...imagination fills my and happiness covers my face. I am the color yellow.

I am a beautiful yellow rose
A beautiful yellow gown

 All kinds of yellow shoes

I am even a bright yellow Lexus!

Yellow is the color that shines inside of me...yellow is feeling fun...
It's bright, it's light...its an amazing color! Yellow is the butterflies, bumblebees, lemons, fun flowers and falling leaves...It is the color inside of me!
Yellow is a beautiful Bedroom

Or a bright and fancy Bathroom

It is a yellow door...I like it!

Oh, a yellow fish!

Can we say we do not like Big Yellow Balloons that fly high in the big blue sky?

Yellow can be in all shapes and sizes

How about a bright yellow hat and a beautiful yellow purse!

But, sometimes, I like black with my yellow to give it some jazz!

I can't get this big yellow balloon out of my head!

I think yellow and white are the most endearing colors for a proper lady...don't you?
Wow, these shoes!
Don't you love this color yellow? The color for charming smiles, for youth; for exhuberence and cowardice...yellow is for warmth and make people smile is its purpose. I am the color Yellow!
We sure hope you enjoyed our color today...doesn't it remind you of a bright, warm and sunny day! James and I both are home on this very cold day...low 25. He went to doctor's office yesterday, and was  given a few days off for some R&R. Monday is a holiday, so that will give him more time off to get plenty of rest. He deserves  it! He sends his regards and says he will post one of his days at home, because he miss you all! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and ask that you give your pets a hug for us.
Warmest Regards,

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