Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hubster Is Ill

Good Morning, I am a little sad, and very worried about the hubster today. Its like a dark cloud over me. Hubster has shingles and the breakout is bad! I suppose what is so hard about it is seeing him in pain...he has always been so health and the sight of him this way is hard for me to take. Sure, I know he is putting up a brave front for me, but I can tell he is in is so hard!
  Those red blisters are so big they look painful! I'm trying hard to hold it together, but it is sooo hard...If he suspects that I am hanging on by a thread... What can I do?

Please tell there anything I can do to help ease the burning pain? He has meds and benadryl was ordered, but he is still in pain.
Home remedies seem to help with other ailments, but this is something I don't have any dealings with. I use to hear my grand talk about it long ago and I always thought it was something folks had back then. Shows how much I know and how out of touch I am, huh?
  I would appreciate any good tips from those of you who know about this awful ailment to help hubster, and I know he will too! Thanks for your help! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
I will be so grateful,
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