Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Family Together

Hey to all. I didn't finish the last post but, my gal Loretta took over for me. I did take some pictures of Loretta's large family. I didn't/couldn't get them all because those kids were moving around faster than a jack rabbit in a patch of turnips!
  Friday nite, the 23th was Gumbo night, her sisters Patricia and Linda mustva' thought they were cooking for the whole town with all those large pots. Shrimps and crabs were stacked way high. You can see the gumbo on our 1st blog. 
  Saturday 24th, all the youngun's got their gifts, and games were played, especially bingo. Prizes were given for everything! No fireworks or fire this year because it rained and still raining. We need it though! Casseroles, and pasta-shrimp, etc., salad, breads, desserts- cakes, potato pies, peach cobblers, banana puddings, chocolate pies, pecan pies and the likes served with coffee.
  Sunday was the big meal. Turkey, smoked and fried, ham, some more shrimp, crabs, etc. cornbread dressing, greens of all sorts, mac-n-cheese, potato salad, candied potatoes, congealed salads, and I can't remember what else. I'm dizzy thinking about it-them sisters sure like to cook!  Heeeeeheeeee!
  Here are some of them in pictures: click on them to enlarge

This is our 2nd oldest daughter Vonetta. She came in Friday to help out with her Mom.

This is my 2nd grand Carly, Vonetta's only. She's headed off to college. She's made her old poppie proud! 

This gal here is Loretta's 2nd sister Linda with her hubs Willie

Well, i'm sorry 'bout this picture but these two sweet gals are my mom in-law on the left and aunt in-law on the right. They are serving up the Gumbo!

Auntie still serving Gumbo
Patricia, on the left, after cooking all that gumbo was real tired. That's Yvette another sister, sitting beside her and her daughter, Jackie sitting on the floor.
Jackie finally looked at me with the camera. That Briana, Yvette's grand, sitting in the chair.

There's my sweet mom in-law. She didn't want her picture took but I told her she was a looker all the time. That brought a smile to her face. I want ya'll to know, she's the best dang mom in-law God put on this earth!

Mikisha and her hubs. That's her youngun' there too!
They said this one is Anna, there's so many I can't remember 'em!
And this is Arlette's son  Rashard
This is Arlette in the kitchen cleaning up

Here's Eric. He's Patricia's oldest all 6'5" of him!

And this is Patricia's hubs LJ with one of his grand's JJ. Yep, we got a bunch of j's in this family!

  Loretta told me not to put all these pictures up, so I'll stop here, but I just wanted all of you to see what a good family I lucked into. All of us brother-in-laws feel this way! They are truly a loving and giving family. I guess that's why we love them some fierce!
  Have ya'll enjoyed your holiday? I did! Yeah I know its over, but there is still one more coming. You just might as well keep up the spirit!! Heeeheee! Guess I'll shut her down now.
Wish all of you a wonderful evening. Take care and be happy! Loretta sends her love to you too!
  This is the Hubster, ya'll be good now!


  1. I enjoyed the family pictures and again hearing about all the food. Tell your mom-in-law that I think she's gorgeous. Where are the pictures of Loretta. Glad you two had a good time with family.

  2. Wonderful job James! Of putting lovely Family Pics up! You are getting to be a pro!!!

    "Each age has deemed the new-born year
    the fittest time for festal cheer."

    - Walter Scott

  3. Thanks Vanessa for your good comments. Loretta says you are her adopted daughter. She didn't get a chance to get out because of the hard rain. Didn't want to risk her falling again. She hates getting her picture taken. I'll try slipping one in to put up. She can't get that shot gun at me now!

  4. I enjoyed seeing the pictures! Happy New Year to you and Loretta!

  5. Hello dear! Thanks for the votes of happy new year wish for you and your family a happy year 2012!
    A big kiss from Brazil



  6. What a great looking family! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Great post James! Rebekah

  7. Loved all the pictures. Beautiful family you both have! I think you did a fabulous job posting. Not sure my husband would be brave enough to take on my blog. So sorry to hear about Loretta's complications with medicine and the fall. I just added her to my prayer list for a speedy recovery!


  8. What a great-looking family, Loretta! You really had a house full :)

  9. It looks like a lovely family. Wish I could drop in for a meal. Good southern cooking - something I miss. Nancy


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