Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Happy Bowl of Beans

Happy? Yeah I said happy, husband is happy to get a meal in the middle of the week! lol. Certainly not true! Don't you know by know how I luv to play around.
  Seriously, red beans and rice are a staple in everbody's house in Louisiana...on Momdays, and rice is cooked daily! But for some reason, I wanted the great northerns tonight.

 I don't eat much meat with any of my meals, (I cooked down-home sausage with the beans), and i'll put cornbread on my plate, but don't always eat it! However, my husband loves meat and cornbread.
 This was it, I didn't want dessert, or anything else, just the beans and rice. Although, I couldn't eat them all, I
was satisfied with the meal. Simple, but filling!

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