Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Lawn and Garden

I think I've always been a farm-girl at heart actually, I think there's a bit of farming in all of us. Right? I love working with the dirt in my hands and building the soil's nutrients with the compost from my bins and adding other additives. I get just as much satisfaction sowing the seeds, and putting the little plants in the earth that was started from seed. Then, we watch as these little plants start to break the earth's surface and spring forth to capture the light and warmth of the sun and drink from the rain.
  It's fascinating watching blooms form and the vegetables grow from this one seed. Or, when root crops burst through the earth and grow. Wow! Aren't we blessed to see such phenomenal metamorphosis? Our God is good! We hope to have a bountiful garden this year so when we put back for ourselves, there will be enough to share with friends and neighbors. I'll share pics with you as the garden progress.

This is the garden left from last fall.

The first day of working the soil. Not too much, I want to perserve the nutrients in the soil.

I added compost from my kitchen bins, then from composted leaves and pine straw

The soil was mixed together and lime was added last and mixed. I waited 24 hours before planting seed

This is my cat mint returned from last fall. Kayla will get new toys soon!

It rained the night after I planted and I went out three days afterwards, and this is what I discovered. I was so excited I ran to get my camera! What a blessing! I will share more as the garden grows more.

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  1. Isnt it great when you discover a gardens first growth?!Good for you Mrs.Loretta


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