Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Finally Cooked A Good Cabbage!

Not that I haven't before, but sometimes they look like a pot of mush. You know, that stuff that looks like...a pasty mass of mushy muck!! Am I getting the picture of it across? I hope you aren't one with a weak stomach. Hey WAIT, don't loose what's in there! I suppose I should tell you, i'm known to exaggerate a little. Ok, a lot then!!!
 Seriously, I've seen cabbage cooked this way, but I learned a long time ago the art of cooking this vegetable, and it's really quite simple. First, selecting one: make sure it is not a heavy one. The lighter in your hand, the better. Then, when cutting, don't shred it! Finally, if you are going to use any meat, let it cook completely. Then, add the cabbage and allow to cook down without stirring. Add seasoning, salt, pepper, onoin powder, little garlic powder and canola oil, if using, and not too much. With a large spoon, turn the cabbage gently until they are all over. Lower fire to low setting and only cook til tender, but still have a little crunch. Turn off fire and let then set in pot til cool before serving. They are ready to eat. And you thought I was a comic cook. Fooled you, didn't I! Enjoy.
I was serving down home sausage with this meal but, wouldn't you know it, once again I lost out to the fur-babies! Hubster gave them all to them, so I had to improvise. I had brown gravy in the refrig from another meal, thus my sad excuse for protein! One of these days...i'm going to eat all the meat!!


  1. I know this is a dumb question, but do you cook your cabbage in a skillet or a pan of water?? I have done both, but yours in your pictures looks really nice and yummy!

  2. When I use meat, I leave just enough water in the bottom of the pot to cover the small chunks of meat, then add the cabbage. Without the meat, I use the same amount of water in a pot. Don't cook them til done,rather when they have withered and cooked to just crunchy, (like they look in pic), then turn off range and let sit in their hot juices. Hope this helps! Thank you for visiting. Luv-Loretta

  3. I love cabbage but my hubby hates it. So I make a good old fashioned boiled dinner once in a blue moon. Smoked pork shoulder with cabbage and turnip. Yum, you have me thinking I need to make that soon.Hubby wont like that, lol... My dad used to fry the cabbage in butter the next day, oh boy, it doesnt get any better than that.

  4. I love cooked cabbage! I shared a recipe for a sour cream cabbage casserole today that is delicious, too, if you are interested :) Have a great evening! Karen

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