Friday, December 14, 2012

Such A Tragedy

 I'm sure by now you have heard the news about the horrific shooting today that took the precious lives of 20 children, plus the adults who lost their lives at this elementary school.
Oh My Lord...such a waste of innocent little lives! Why is a short word but demands answers. However, are there answers to this carnage? This was an act of war declared on these children!
  This world is full of blind, unexplained hate, ignorance, injustice and sick people who think only of themselves reeking  havoc on others' lives.

Pray for this school, the students,, but especially those who losss their precious babies! God Bless the Children!
Let's pray they will be able to process this mass destruction they have witnessed.

God Bless You All,

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  1. Yes, wasn't this such a tragedy, Loretta? Being in my own state, it has affected me greatly. I've cried now for two days, so I can only imagine how the people of Newtown feel. And the parents of the lost children? I can't even fathom their pain. You're right though, they need our prayers, it the best gift we could give them right now.


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