Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Blog!

 Announcing...She..."Spoke To Me"

This blog was created with my Texedo cat, Miss Kitty-Kelly. Can you imagine butting heads with a fiesty feline? Yeah, that's it...they do have a mind of their own, and are very independent. Since I never owned a cat, I have learned quickly; a host of how-to's...reading as many books as possible in order to properly take care of my baby.
Yes, can't you tell I have opened my heart and she has taken over. She was given to my husband and me after he came home from hospital having major heart surgery. What a little ball of joy and no one can tell us differently, Miss Kitty was a major part of his recovery! The rest is history.
She...'Spoke To Me" will follow Miss Kitty's daily routine, antics, smarty-pants mouth, etc. Of course, I will monitor her use of the computer making sure her post are not censored! Lol. 

 Please stop by and have a look around, leave a comment and join the site. We would love having you. We are still tweeking, however, don't let that stop you from coming in and browse. The link is here

As Always, thanks so much for visiting...and please know you are always welcome at our house!

Best Wishes,

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  1. Your new blog sounds like a good one. What is the link?


Thank you for commenting. I love reading what you have to say and your feedback is very helpful. Do come back to visit us at our house, you are always welcome.

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