Monday, November 28, 2011

My Colors Today Are Green and Red

What are your immediate thoughts when you see the colors green and red together? Like this picture below...

Most would no doubt think of the Holiday, but there are so many other things to associate these two colors with...

Green is...the color of nature.
Green is balance, freshness, and outdoors. It is beneficial in all healing is exactly where green scores.

Green is for harmony, gratitude, and appreciation.

Green plants are appealing. Green is is new is life!

Red is...feeling brave with all your might. Red is courage.

Red is hotness sometimes you feel inside when you're embarrassed and you want to hide.

Red is...passion, excitement, vitality and action

Red is a show-off doubt about it!

Red is...confidence, displays love, beauty and affection. Red is a healing brings warmth and comfort. It is courage, blood, desire.
Red is for danger and for fire...

But, is it a color that can be lived without?

Red is the giant-est color of them all! Red and Green really are the colors of Merriment...Happy Holiday!

Warmest of Regards,
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