Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Color Today Is Black

Good Morning My Pretties! What a lovely day it is!

My color today is one that is so myths, folk lore the color black...and what it signifies. However, for me, blackness is the only color with the power to hold endure forgetfulness.  Black is...

                         Beauty in Animals

                                             In Food

                     Isn't He Beautiful?



                                 A Black Gothic Dress

                         A Beautiful Black Rose

                        A Black Galaxy

                                 Johnny A

                          A Black Room

                            More Black Berries?

                                         Lux Car

It can't be denied...Black is elegant, it is timeless, lithe and lasting.
Black is rich, appealing, and is the color black!
  Black is a starless night; Black kindles with mystery. Black is expression.
It is what it is...whatever you's still the color Black!
How do you feel about the color Black? Can it be your color?

Have a Wonderful Week! Love You Too!



  1. I love your color today, Black. It's my all-time favorite and I have to stop myself from picking the color in my everyday wear. The photos with your post are super!

  2. Hi Loretta, those are beautiful images. I agree black is gorgeous. I've always liked black used in home decor and of course there's nothing more beautiful than the glossy black of an animal,like black labs, poodles, horses etc. Great post!

  3. Wow, everything was so beautiful!

  4. I love black for all the same reasons you do! I have it in my decor. It's so classic to me.

  5. I drive a black car and I have a pretty black kitty! I always enjoy visiting with you, Loretta. Hope your week is a good one.

  6. Loretta, great to meet you, thanks for stopping by. Your pictures are great and the colour is deep, never ending and comforting for so many reasons. Looking forward to coming back and spending more time. Have a blessed weekend. Amanda

  7. I love the images and your ending prose. Black, like every color, was gifted to us. Therefore, we should love it. ~Blessings!

  8. Black is endless and infinite. The black panther is my favorite animal, STUNNING. The black rose a thing of beauty.


  9. That black dress looks stunning;)
    Thank you for stopping by!

    Lovely greetings...

  10. I love black too. It's also very figure flattering ;)


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