Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The A to Z Of Us

There are so many words, with many different meanings. Just looking at the jumble of words above, I can pick out four or five that perfectly describe some of the things James and I have in common. I thought I would sit and think about them and others, to see just how much we have in common. Surprisingly, more than I expected! Here we go...have fun reading them:

A...our wedding anniversary is the 18th.
B...James hates broccoli, so much so, he can't stand to look at it!
C...My name was Claudette Colbert before it was C. Thomas.
D...We both love donuts and hated giving them up!
E...I forget everything, but James has a memory like an elephant!
F...James love Ford trucks, but I like Dodge.
G...We both like dark grapes and pink grapefruit.
H...Ham steaks are our fave with mashed potatoes.
I...James brought me a small ivory box that I spotted at a sale...love it!
J...We both love apple jelly and peanut butter sandwiches.
K...I misplaced my keys and James found them hiding in my purse!
L...Lemon filled donuts...Mmmm, Mmmm!
M...James loves milk and drink it with mostly everything he eat, ugh!
N...Our choices of nuts are walnuts and peanuts.
O...We both like orange frosting on cupcakes.
P...Mom baked us a pineapple cake, my fave...delish!
Q...James says I question him like a lawyer when I'm peeved, lol!
R...We love to take a ride in the rural on Sunday evenings.
S...There is a small stream in back of our property.
T...Tall trees hinders good reception from our dish...it is bad!
U...Mandy's hiding place is under James' chair in the bedroom.
V. We miss my cousin Velma Joyce who passed away last year!
W...We love winter's when we can burn wood in the fireplace.
X...James and I love to watch the movie, X-men together.
Y... James love using the word, yonder...it is so funny to me!
Z... Did I tell you we added a mini-family of Zebra's to our African collection?

Isn't it funny how the little things can be so inportant in a relationship? I suppose this is what makes us happy...enjoying life's  little pleasures! Hope you enjoyed reading these things about us...I will be so happy when we are able to get back to the funny side of things. Hoping you have a day filled with joy!

Love to You All, 
James and Loretta


  1. That was so sweet. A perfect way to learn more about the two of you. Glad to see you two are in good spirits.

  2. So nice to know more about you, Loretta. You and James have so much in common and the ones that are not, complement each other. Perfect match!...Christine

  3. That's so sweet. One day I'll have that again.


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