Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maxine Is A Tough Old Gal

 Yes, it's true, Maxine and I have been at it for days now. I don't mind it but, that ole' gal is one tough cookie. I just can't outwit her. I thought I could be like doctor Phil when he tangled with Mur-dear.
Didn't work for me though! She's quick on them ole' boney legs and feet, and sharp as a tack! Oh boy, here we go again...
   Maxine you can't go around insulting folks all the time just because of your age, you should...


Did you hear me Maxine?

"You think I'm deaf Loretta, I and the whole neighborhood heard you! Here I got you what is says on the cake...Hahaaaaaa".   MAXINE, How Could You!

Oh Lord help us!

 "Ha, git it Loretta! You ole'..."

"Hahaaaa, got it...I'm on a roll now!"

"Hahaaa, now, Loretta you know that's funny...I can see that stupid smile on your face". Ahhh, get out of here you old goat. "Watch it ain't far behind me, you ole' wannabe, hahaaaa!"

 Why should they with all that flab hanging everywhere! "Oh, go fly a kite, Loretta...that's all you're good at anyways! I'm going to take a nap". Who cares what you do old woman!

"Oh hell, I can't git off this roll, they're really going now Loretta". I hear you in there Maxine, are you ever serious about anything? "Ain't your x/'/#@ business! I'm out of here, a body can't even sleep around here".

  You could if you lay down, shut your mouth and close your old nosy, cataract eyes! Oh, by the way, read the new sign they put up yesterday! Hahaaaa!  "Shut your old chichen-pickin *&#/+"@$%*&?*%@ pie-hole, why the nerve of those #@+/+*%##%/"

Maxine, you are too old to be carrying on like this. Its just a sign, and you aren't the only older person living in this neighborhood. "I know, you're here ain't cha. Hahahahahahhhh".  Shut up old woman, hahaaa that!

 "Laugh your ole' fool head off...I ain't it look like I'm old?" Oh Maxine, If only you'd...Oh forget it, I 'm going to make coffee...


"That's what's wrong with you younguns nowadays...If only, If only. That's all you hollow!"  Maxine I'm going out! I'm tired of bickering with you. "No the problem can't take it...say it...say it! Your yellow-belly...can't take it!

Alright Maxine, you win...I give up...Might as well be talking to that sign outside. "Speaking of signs Loretta, read that latest one they just put up. Hahahaaaaa! Oh I love it! Hahaahaaaaaaa!"

Arrrrrrgh, That Crazy Woman!

This post is all in fun...the creator of the Maxine character can be see on some of the images. Nothing within any of these images have been altered or changed.

The author of this post!


  1. How can't one love "Maxine"? She is a hoot and can say some of the things, which a lot of older people, are too timid, to say.

    A lot of older people are....

    Which of course doesn't include me!


    "I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. LOVE this post Loretta!! It made me laugh so hard ~ thank you so much!!!
    Nancy xx :D

  3. Love this one, Loretta. And so true. I admire Maxine's spunk.

  4. Hahaha - brilliant! Scarlett x


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