Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 Kentucky Derby Hats

Love them or leave them, this is the year's big occasion for Hats!
If you are a follower, then you know my love affair with hats. Below you will find the beautiful, pretty, even the wild and wacky ones worn this year's 138th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville Ky on Saturday May 5, 2012. Let's get started with a few celebs...

The celebs are from first to last: Carla Nunez, Cyndi Lauper, Ginnifer Goodwin, Gail Simmons, Leannie Mia, Steffi Graft, and Theresa Nelson.

Now, for some of the wacky and wild ones. Actually, I even have a fancy for some of the pink and purple ones...


Yep, I would definitely say, she's the winner of the wacky and is quite aware of it by the huge open mouth laugh!
Would you wear either of these? I suppose you have to like/love them, huh?

Wishing you a lovely Sunday Evening,



  1. Thanks for posting the hats. I loved seeing them. I used to do freelance work for a lady and we made hats and handbags. The Kentucky Derby was always a big time of the year. We did a lot with feathers!

  2. Not being a "hat person," I'd never be able to "pull any of them off." ,-)))))) I admit it! :-)

    "The cottage garden;
    most for use designed,
    Yet not of beauty destitute

    ~Charlotte Smith

  3. All the hats are nice. Cyndi Lauper sure picked a huge one :-)

  4. I love hats, but sadly I am one of those people that look terrible in any hat. Yes, I've tried different styles. Okay, maybe not the wacky pink flamingo one, but that one is way out there even for me. Never have found one that looks the least bit flattering on me, which is a shame since I love to crochet hats.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight....have a great week!

  5. Dear Loretta, I was so happy to see your visit dear friend.
    I love hats. When I was a little girl it was such a big event to go shopping with my mom for our Easter hats. My mother loved hats. I think most women from my moms era loved hats. I can tell from the old movies.
    I used to feel so pretty wearing my hat being next to my mom in church. I think we both felt pretty.
    I think today feeling dressed up and pretty is almost a lost time. I hope it comes back again.
    It is nice to have you back visiting. Stay well and my best to James. Blessings dear one. Catherine xo


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