Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Glimpse Of "At Home with Loretta's" Column

  Some are new to this blog and for that reason may not know of my newspaper column, At Home with Loretta. This column lead me to the creation of the two blog where I share with you from time to time, the actually copy for my column.
  This particular column drew quite a response from our readers, and I'd like to share it with you. Please feel free to let me know your views on the subject. I welcome the feedback. It is from the category: Young People, entitled:   Youths...Their Demand for Respect
  "Why did you do it?" A detective asked the 15 year old. "Because he disrespected me! You don't git up in my face like that disrespecting me like that".  The youth replied vehemently. The detective was quoted later as saying, "That boy had no remorse about taking his classmates life!"
    What is the reason behind youths demanding respect from others? What type of respect are they demanding, is it a street type where he is trying to make a name for himself, or a position he's trying to gain on the street? Or, is it a genuine respect...not wanting to be ignores or, for those making light of his feelings?
    Young folk, it is a fact; unfair you might say, but true. People do not give youths the same respect as adults! It is a fact of life one must accept...I did, your parents did, and so did many others. If you've made a bad name for yourself among your peers and others, adults think of you as "rebellious", "irresponsible", or just downright "crazy".
   The taking of a person's life doesn't get you respect...if anything, it lands you in prison for the rest of your natural life. So, what must you do to get respect? Respect, my friends, is something to be earned! You must first realize that respect is not something bestowed upon you simply because you want it, nor can you "make" someone respect you! Yes, if you want it, then you give it! But first, you need to respect yourself!
   You can not go through life lying, bending the truth; cruelly teasing...making other people the butt of your jokes, bossying and bullying, or not having any natural feelings for others, especially your own parents and family! Because you will surely undermine what little respest these folks had for you.
   In case you aren't aware of this fact, just as you are fighting hard demanding your respect in your way, there are a lot more fighting just as hard not only for respect for themselves, but wanting to give their respect to others. This is simply because they realize this is the right way to be esteemed by others!
   Youths, your way of trying to get others to respect you will never be the right way...what you are trying to achive in the streets is senseless, and only leads to loss and heartbreaking results!  It is the person who loves, and respect himself and others that counts and what you should want to achieve within your heart.
   Don't ruin your lives by demanding of others what's simply not there. Rather, gain the proper respect from others by conducting yourselves in a manner that commands respect. Young people, "Rejoice in your youth" (Ecclesiastes 11:9).
   How or what do you feel, as parents, etc., about this subject? Let us know.
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