Sunday, August 28, 2011

My New Vignettes

Good Sunday to all. Although a new day, Irene is still a threat to our friends up north. Please be safe and not venture out too soon. Don't forget to check on loved ones, elderly, friends and acquaintances.
  I just love creating vignettes on any flat surface that can accommodate an item safely. Check out these different placement and look for items that were thrift finds in previous posts. Believe it or not, I am still moving into our home. Having Miss Fannie here those months, put a hold on everything, but now we can finish what was started some 4 months age. My, how time flies!

 The photo above was taken in the living room. This vignette is on a table underneath a wall-hanger; the mini-windsor is a favorite I picked up in Georgia.

These are others of my fave. Hubby purchased the plate online and I found the farmer and his wife at a yard sale in Florida. Notice how they depict a scene from those early settler's days.

I love roosters! My folks say I am a  rooster addict, however, I beg to differ. LOL. I found him at a flea market in Florida.

These are other farmer's. I have the beginnings of a wagon train, but there isn't room for it right now. I'm thinking of a shelving system to display it. Stay tune.

Back to roosters. I purchased these on the roadside in Georgia. Hubby was adament, no more roosters!
hehe, little did he know!

This shot is in my kitchen on top of refrig. Yep, more roosters. Notice the farmers on the little box. The doors open to shelves for storage. Cute, huh?

This little box has little drawers for storage. How cute is this!
Now, I must confess. I did buy some of my roosters, but I have a son, my baby, who loves to send me things. If he finds out from his sisters of dad that I like an item, he sends them to me. So, I had to stop the family from telling him about my collections because I don't have anymore room to store  them!
  Hope you enjoyed viewing my little creations. Nothing has a place here, because I'm constantly changing everything around. However, there are things that I can't change, nor want to change, and that's having you to stop by and visit us! While you're here leave a comment and become a follower, so we will know you were here!  Please, come on back again and see what we are doing next...At Home with Loretta...where you are always welcomed. Love Y'all... Take care...until we see you again!


  1. Hello; thank you for visiting me and I, too, am following you--love your vignettes--I am a big fan of anything chicken and rooster!

  2. Hello Loretta, I like the vignettes especially the roosters. My antique store friend gave me four roosters and they sure added a nice pop in the kitchen. Take care!


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