Friday, May 27, 2011

Help With Our Emotions


 Do negative emotions at times seem to take over your life? Do you easily become uspet, angry, or frustrated? Do anxieties of life tend to overwhelm you? Admittedly, the last question is one that I really need to work on. I suppose at times, it affects all of us in some form or fashion. The question still remains, "What will help us with our emotions?"
  Emotional reactions are part and parcel of human experiences. When properly controlled, they can add spice to life. Scripture acknowledges though, "mere oppression may make a wise one act crazy."
In a world where violence and accidents are all to commom, who is not affected emotionally by what happen's around him?  To make life more enjoyable, we therefore need to learn to rejoice by cultivating positive emotions. How can we nurture beneficial emotions and curb harmful ones?

  Taking practical measures often alleviates the intensity of our negative emotions. For example, when we feel anxious over matters that we have no control over, isn't it better to change our routine or enviroment, rather than occupy our minds with worry?
  I've found simple things are very effective...listening to soothing music, reading; gardening, caring for your pet or just spending time with him/her provides relief even comfort. Have you ever taken a leisure walk alone? It not only gives you time to yourself, but it affords an opportunity to reflect...clear your mind, talk to the Lord; cry it out, etc. Look at the man in the picture above. He seems to be thinking of something...deep into thought. Your doing the same, will also give you the opportunity to reflect...seeing God's creations; yes, thinking  about this gives you a seemingly peace, creating a positive feeling.
  We all know the best way to dispel negative thoughts, is by putting our confidence in the Creator.
When negative things presists, we need to throw all our anxieties upon God by means of prayer. (1 Peter 5: 6,7 NI). Our Heavenly Father, we are assured, is near to those broken at heart. (Psalm 34:18,19) By studying the Scriptures, we can reflect on its vivid examples of God's personal interest in the well-being of His people. Continue to draw comfort from the Scriptures and draw close to God.

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  1. Hi Loretta, I really enjoy reading your posts. You have such an in depth way of expressing yourself. I find that reminding myself on a daily basis of the good and positive things in my life makes all the difference in my attitude. It's the mental version of Oprah's Gratitude Journal. Health issues are sometimes my biggest challenge, so it's vital I recognize the good days.

  2. I just browsed older post and came upon on this a much needed article Mrs.L Thanks.


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