Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nameless Kissing Cousins

Aren't they adorable! I was not expecting this and it was really a pleasant surprise from my son Jason. He is always sending me things and these two babies are no exception.

 The little basket held chocolate candy, dang, wouldn't you know it...it's all gone! LOL.
   Well, I need to name them, can you help me? I've never owned a boy toy before, so I will definitely need help with appropiate names to fit these cuties.
  The person who gives me the best/appropriate names will receive a token of my appreciation. I'll post it after going shopping since it all happened this way! May 3rd should give us enough time for this. Don't you think? Remember It starts now, and  until May 3rd. Have a Happy Week! Luv ya!
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