Thursday, November 7, 2013

The World As We Know It

Taken from the pages of the 
Mansfield Enterprise Newspaper By Loretta

Living in Today’s World

   Living in this world and in these times today are brutal…have you noticed? “In these last days it’s going to be hard to be a Christian.” Scripture tells us from 2 Timothy 3:1 LBV.

 Everything is and has changed so much we live in a morally depleted world! People just don’t have natural affection for others anymore. You know, feelings of empathy, because apathy rules! Lying, stealing cheating are all normal occurrences. They have no self-control; they are fierce brutal against their fellow man. 
  Look at the recent crime perpetrated against another right here among us, and how the victim’s remains were hidden. How an eight year old took his 90 year old's life after watching a game. Who can forget the young singer Miley C vulgar performance on national TV? Gyrating sexual suggestive moves in a flesh colored skimpy attire that made even other entertainers react shocked. How degrading…an enormous insult against all women’s dignity, and decency! What was your reaction? And, the male singer with his vulgar words that are beeped to a song…appalling!   
  Lastly, the horrific crime of using chemicals in Syria against women and children…how inhumane! This merciless brutal atrocity was shown on television…Oh the suffering and their pain was too hard to watch! All because of man’s hatred…they supposedly have a form of Godly devotion but, are proving false to its power. The True God would never approve such carnage in the name of Worship! Instead of following in the footsteps of Christ, they are blindly following men to their end. Jeremiah 10:23. 
  Besides this crime and violence…there are home invasions, kidnappings, and now we have to protect our precious pets from being snatched also. What’s next? You and I well know there isn’t anything or anyone here on earth that will/can change the scene of this world. There has to be a higher power just as it was back in Noah’s day and all other times when our God intervened. Would you agree man will never be able to put an end to what’s happening in the world today?

 People have changes…their views, morals, personalities and the world has too. Language is another area that has drastically changes. One noted celebrity Katie C commented, “Others around her are quite comfortable with today’s language…since when is cursing in public okay?” What has happened to standards? That F*** word is so disgusting to me! However, most have no problems with hearing or using it! It rolls of their tongues with the greatest of ease. Isn't it obvious…the more curse words that are used the less shocking it is hearing them to most. With some, every other word form their mouth is a curse word. You see and hear them everywhere…TV, internet, social medias. 
  The casual use of cursing is a prominent sign of the changes we are living with in this old world. The way we interact with one another is indicative of how we treat and respect each other. 

  Don’t expect respect from others…if you don’t have respect for yourself! Does this make sense? Yes, changes are good even beneficial but, cursing/profanity is not. 
Read Ephesians 5: 1-3 & Colossians 3: 8 both in the NIV. 

  Go to: my hometown newspaper to see what's happening in our small town and meet our town folk...

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