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Cause For Discouragements


    A young woman is left a bedridden paralytic because of a drunk driver’s callousness. A parent watches helplessly as her young child ravaged with cancer weakens, and then dies. 
    Other parents have become discouraged by the increasing rebellious attitudes of their youths; some even afraid living in their own homes. The life altering troubles, endless shame, grief, and tragic losses their children have visited upon them have taken their toll on their lives and existence. We see countless heartbreaking tragedies such as these…yes, even worse in today’s world.   

   Today as the pressures of life increases, it seems that the causes of discouragement multiply. When a child has no respect or human regard for his or her own mother, then don’t expect him or her to respect any other person. This has been true of many who seemingly have no natural feelings, no remorse…only depraved indifference for others. Have you noticed this? Parents have given up on them and these wayward youths are left to wander the streets and extort their violence and rage on innocent people. 

  The effects of mankind’s discouragements can be seen deeply etched in the sad faces of countless today. Many factors cause discouragement. With the stresses of trying to raise delinquent children, it’s not surprising the health of a parent becomes apparent. When one does not feel well, especially over a period of time, there is a natural tendency to become withdrawn; one is robbed of strength and motivation. A parent having to face such problems along with everyday occurrences such as poverty, severe oppression; grief and sorrow, all contributes to severe discouragement.
   Do not underestimate the effects discouragement can have on a person; it can be compared to a virus that spreads and becomes so contagious it acts like a personality trait. It can creep in when you least expect it to, and if you allow it…it can destroy you! If you are a parent who is discouraged…to fight against this thief that’s robbing you of your health, well-being…you must keep your mind fixed on your faith in God and, have explicit confidence that He will not fail you; that He will not fail in giving you comfort and assistance. 

    It takes time to recover from any tragic incident. Some people can be brutal with words that are insensitive, sometimes cold bloodied. To beat back any feelings of despair and anxiety keep close to God, read Scripture…it will never fail you. Constantly pray and don’t stop. You may not be able to do anything to change the rebellious attitudes of your child, but you will draw comfort from God, regardless of the overwhelming problems you may face. Never forget to pray…even if you are at your lowest, draw comfort from the Scripture. Psalm 91 is encouraging. 
  Discouragement tests all of us. We have to face problems in some form however, our Creator has not left us without help (Psalm 55:22). Also, Psalm 34:18a: “He’s near to those who have a broken heart.”

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