Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do You Have A Good Conscience

           The Bible...The Holy Words Of God 

      I suppose you’re wondering, why is she asking this question? Well, I thought it to be an appropriate question, especially since it means having a good conscience before God!
   Has this ever crossed your mind? Yes, I have thought about it!  I've also thought about God seeing what we do! Did you know this? He can see us because He has all of the attributes that He gave to us. He sees what we do, feel hear and so forth. It is not a joke…read it for yourself…He actually see all that we do! Proverb 15:3. 

  He also knows when we are honest, even before speaking. How, you ask? Because He sees one heart!! 1 Samuel 16:7,  1 Chronicles 28:9, Jeremiah 17:10 Psalms 139:16 (another translation uses the word embryo) 
Yes, our Heavenly Father knows all of us! So, I ask you again, do you have a good conscience? Can you stand before God?
  Remembering Adam and Eve…could they stand before God with a good conscience? Hardly! As soon as they broke God’s law, they hid themselves. Why? Because God created them with a conscience and it was then they realized they were naked, so, they hid from God! Genesis 3:7, (conscience is inherent from Adam.) 

 Even back in the day, those folks’ who didn't have the law knew it, because it was in their hearts. Romans 2:14, 15. 

So if that little voice ever comes to you in a situation, you better not ignore it…it’s sounding a warning! Your conscience is an inward realization or sense of right or wrong that excuses or accuses one…so conscience judges.

  However, it can be trained by a person’s thoughts acts convictions and rules that are implanted in ones mind by study and experience. It sounds a warning when the rules and the course conflict, unless your conscience is “seared”, made unfeeling by continued violations of its warning.  
One must work on their conscience, train it, and enlighten it. If not, it can deceive if you haven’t trained it...if you don’t do so…trouble arises!
  So if you want to be able to stand before Christ and your Creator with a clean and good conscience, then you have to strive for an honest conscience at all times. The Apostle Paul was a shining example for all to imitate. (Acts 24:14, 16) Yes, Paul continually steered and corrected his course of life according to God’s Word and Christ’s teachings, because in the final analysis, God and not his own conscience, was his ultimate Judge. (1 Corinthians 4:4.) 

We hope you enjoyed reading this Weeks' Scriptural Message From God's Words The Bible...
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  1. "unless your conscience is 'seared', made unfeeling...." Wow. Powerfully descriptive. It fits perfectly.
    God does know our hearts. People tend to forget that.
    This post was very inspiring to me and I wanted to say....thank-you!

  2. Wonderful Post, Loretta~
    That little voice inside us, whether our Heart or conscience, we need to talk less, talk softer & Listen with feeling to what it is trying so hard to tell us!
    Thanks for the reminder,
    Blessings & a Beautiful week to You

  3. Loretta,
    Love this post!
    Have a good day!


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