Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Color Today Is Purple

  I have a confession to make... I started this post because I have a problem with colors.
You see, I'm color blind! Reds, oranges...this family and some pastels gives me so much trouble.

  I like to wear pretty sock with my pants during the cooler months and I can't tell you how many times I've mix up the colors. Since I can't do a thing about it, especially when I'm alone dressing...I just tell a person, if they say/ask me about it...I want to tell them...but to be nice, I laugh and tell them I'm completely color blind. You should see the look on some faces...

  However, here's a deep, rich color I recognize quite well. I know you will agree with me, it is a beautiful shade of Purple.

Purple Rose glistens with drops of rain.

A stunning purple bedroom.

A pretty purple prom dress.

What about these pretty purple pumps

I could definitely love this purple kale smootie.

A purple unbrella?

The piece de resistance'  Mid-Night Purple Lamborghini! She is a beaut, huh?

Air Jordan's for women!

How about a 3 D purple abstract?

Or the movie title-the Color Purple's score.

How about this red, red, does it fit in? Can it be a monkey wrench? Hummm!

This purple decorated room is the theme for a!  How cute is this!


The perfect purple circle

Who can resist this purple hair fascinator!

What a dark purple solid

 Beautiful Hydrangea

The perfect purple nails

Or these beautiful colorful trees 

Color can be found in so many places even odd objects. I'm sure you will agree, without color, how would we know that all these objects...are beauties to behold! What is your color of choice?  Perhaps it is the color purple too!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Color Day-Think Pink

That's Right...I'm Thinking Pink today! 

Although Pink is not my absolute favorite color, I do like it! How can you not, after all it is a color that most say signifies femininity. But certainly doesn't keep the opposite sex from wearing it...and it certainly doesn't mean they can't enjoy this color! Right? There are so many pretty things in pink that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here are a few:
                          A pink retro Kitchen
  With pink retro things                                

What about pink cupcakes, Yum-yum!

Think Pink...a car?

Or, especially these lovely pink flowers!
They are all pretty things in pink but, I still love blue!

 Beautiful blue roses

Or these stunning blue wedding shoes and blue clutch
Or, it could be a breathtaking blue moon

Or, It could be the deep blue sea, I still love the stillness and serenity of the color blue.
What is your favorite color? I would like to know. Perhaps it is blue.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Page From My To-Do-Journal

Monday October 17, 2011


I love this picture so I think I will use it in My Journals.

Chocolates, that reminds me...I have to get Mom another box of her fave. She love the ones with cherry in the middle, surrounded with pure chocolate. Oh, the pure indulgence of it all!

This Week I plan to bake bread and give a loaf to my friend who loves freahly baked bread. I need to sort and arrange, organize dressers and closets. Take down blankets and comforters, and put down area rugs. The gas heaters in the bathrooms need to be cleaned before they are lit.

  The service man will come the first of the month to check the heat unit. I just want to be on the safe side before using it. The Orkin man is due this week, I have to remember to remind James. Cooler weather will be here soon. I can't stand too much cold because of joint pain. Too, I have to pull out sweaters and jogging suits for the end of the week.

The weather outside is very nice, cool but not enough for a sweater. Temp 58 degrees. The forcast is said to be much cooler morning in the low 40's and highs in the low 60's. I noticed something this morning, it was quite chilly early morning, but the house is surprisingly warm. No more cold big-barn-of-a-house, heh?

My Kitchen needs my attention badly. The sink is full of dishes ready for the dish washer and I haven't a clue when I'm going in to do them! Ashley found a muddy spot to walk in outside, and tracked the kitchen floor. I had to mop and now, I'm down! This is one chore that really gets the best of me.

However, I'm grateful to have all three of them because they are so much company and gives me so much of their unconditional love. They seemingly understands my needs as I do theirs. When I talk and include them in the conversation, they seem to understand. Expecially when they hold their heads askance letting me know they are listening. Aren't they the cutest darling when they do this!

I can't seem to find anything on TV that interest me much so I  haven't marked my calendar. Sometimes I choose to just shut it off because I can't stand the violence, sex, amoral behaviors; the reality shows have too much competition, and I dislike game shows.

  Tired of cooking channel and HGTV is too expensive for my taste. However, Hallmark is the only channel for me, only and expecially when new series shows!  I suppose I'm an old soul who lives in my own world and can't roll-with-the-punches. Kind of glad though! LOL.

Just a quick analogy, The world and the things in it are so far to the left that, far gone are the days when a family could sit and watch family television together, without having to frantically change the channel!

 To what, I might ask? Every channel is laden with garbage, unfit for young children to watch. Is it any wonder why we have so many youths today who are raging, killing, and sooo horribly disturbed?

Lord, what has happened to mankind?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Page From My Journal

There Is Joy...Be Grateful!
October 2011

Lord there is so much in this old world for me to be grateful for, and that gives me so much pleasure. All I have to do is grateful for what has been given to me by your generous and loving hand!
  I take pleasure in the little things that you've can I not love the beauty of the earth itself, although man has ruined it with building, smog; ruined the ozone, littered your beautiful earth and so much more. I remember the Native Arerican on a commercial with a tear rolling down his cheek as he look at the things man has done to your creations. After all, you gave us the earth to live, and it saddens can't even take care of his home! 
You are the creator of life...all life. Why can't man respect and honor you in a way that shows your Majesty...your Love? My heart aches because of man's disrespect for you and all your creations. They want the world and everything in it to step aside to let them pass, but they soon forget who put them here and gave them a mind, a body and put life into that imperfect body.

They even pretend to have you in their lives...a big show, for the people, but is his heart true? Only You can tell Oh Lord! Does he really think he is going somewhere or be somebody? Oh my God in heaven, will he ever learn? Does he think he can live a life free of you? Once again, he forgot about...his Creator...for without you he is simply...nothing...nothing!
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