Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Page From My Journal

There Is Joy...Be Grateful!
October 2011

Lord there is so much in this old world for me to be grateful for, and that gives me so much pleasure. All I have to do is grateful for what has been given to me by your generous and loving hand!
  I take pleasure in the little things that you've can I not love the beauty of the earth itself, although man has ruined it with building, smog; ruined the ozone, littered your beautiful earth and so much more. I remember the Native Arerican on a commercial with a tear rolling down his cheek as he look at the things man has done to your creations. After all, you gave us the earth to live, and it saddens can't even take care of his home! 
You are the creator of life...all life. Why can't man respect and honor you in a way that shows your Majesty...your Love? My heart aches because of man's disrespect for you and all your creations. They want the world and everything in it to step aside to let them pass, but they soon forget who put them here and gave them a mind, a body and put life into that imperfect body.

They even pretend to have you in their lives...a big show, for the people, but is his heart true? Only You can tell Oh Lord! Does he really think he is going somewhere or be somebody? Oh my God in heaven, will he ever learn? Does he think he can live a life free of you? Once again, he forgot about...his Creator...for without you he is simply...nothing...nothing!


  1. Beautiful prayer! Without Him, we are truly nothing. In Him we live and have our being. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Be blessed!

  2. I needed that today my new friend Claudette. Mom left my arms today at 12:15AM. I miss her already ; (
    Thank for for stopping by. I just couldn't come and visit you any sooner than now.

  3. Amen! In ALL things give thanks to the Lord!

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  4. Very beautiful Loretta! I've said it before you are a good soul.

  5. hello Loretta's okay with you?
    beautiful words that beautiful prayer.
    We even touch the soul ....
    have a good weekend.


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