Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Color Today Is Purple

  I have a confession to make... I started this post because I have a problem with colors.
You see, I'm color blind! Reds, oranges...this family and some pastels gives me so much trouble.

  I like to wear pretty sock with my pants during the cooler months and I can't tell you how many times I've mix up the colors. Since I can't do a thing about it, especially when I'm alone dressing...I just tell a person, if they say/ask me about it...I want to tell them...but to be nice, I laugh and tell them I'm completely color blind. You should see the look on some faces...

  However, here's a deep, rich color I recognize quite well. I know you will agree with me, it is a beautiful shade of Purple.

Purple Rose glistens with drops of rain.

A stunning purple bedroom.

A pretty purple prom dress.

What about these pretty purple pumps

I could definitely love this purple kale smootie.

A purple unbrella?

The piece de resistance'  Mid-Night Purple Lamborghini! She is a beaut, huh?

Air Jordan's for women!

How about a 3 D purple abstract?

Or the movie title-the Color Purple's score.

How about this red, red, does it fit in? Can it be a monkey wrench? Hummm!

This purple decorated room is the theme for a!  How cute is this!


The perfect purple circle

Who can resist this purple hair fascinator!

What a dark purple solid

 Beautiful Hydrangea

The perfect purple nails

Or these beautiful colorful trees 

Color can be found in so many places even odd objects. I'm sure you will agree, without color, how would we know that all these objects...are beauties to behold! What is your color of choice?  Perhaps it is the color purple too!

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