Sunday, April 27, 2014

Don't Put It Off...Do It Now!

From the pages of the 
Enterprise Newspaper
Columnist: Loretta T.

  I had to laugh at my visual this week because it really says a lot about this week’s column.
Like me, I am sure we all have at one time or another, made personal resolves to do something then, put it off…and, keep pushing it back repeatedly. Soon, the entire day is gone and that task to be done is still waiting for us, right?

  Oh dear, I am so guilty…sad to say! I am sitting here at my desk typing this and thinking about several things I have push to the side since the weekend. I dislike the word…”eventually” because this is how it all gets started. My resolves of…I’ll get to it eventually, I’ll do it late or, tomorrow, or just simply not get it done at all really reflects a laziness about myself that I hate to admit. 
 The phone will ring when I’ve started a task and I sit and talk especially to Mom, and when she’s done someone else calls. Then, yeah, you guessed it…I’ve allowed other things to cause me to put it off!

  Unless we promptly carry out the task at hand while the desire is burning brightly in our hearts, we may find that we will continually put it off! Sometimes, when this happens with me, it leads to my forgetting about it or, I’ll give up on the whole idea. To avoid falling in this regard, we need to recognize that the complexities of modern-day living make us forget our good intentions. Matters do come up unexpectedly, some of which demand our immediate attention.

  However, by not letting small matters dictate our course of action, we will more likely fulfill our good intentions much to the joy of our family. Procrastination or, the putting off of matters for another time is nourished by the tendency to take thing for granted. How is this? Example: husbands and wives need to guard against the complacent feeling of taking each other for granted. 

  They should take advantage of the numerous opportunities to do thoughtful little things for each other. Do not get into the habit of delaying doing good things for the other because none of us knows what the next day will bring, let along the next week! 

  You don’t need to wait to make an elaborate gesture to express how you feel about your spouse, then postpone giving to him/her. Today there are many persons who are plagued in this world with remorse and regrets. Among them are those who never appreciated what they had until they've lost it. 

   Then, there are others who kept putting off what they wanted to do until it as too late…the spouse either died or they divorced. That left this one haunted by memories of what could have been but was not. 
I hope, like me, you realize why putting thing off is such a serious matter. We need to overcome the tendency to put off doing things, especially that which is beneficial and good.
Be resolved …Don’t put it off; do it now!

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