Friday, May 10, 2013

Inner Peace


   Henry Thoreau wrote: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Evidently, in his day most people did not enjoy inner peace. That, however, was almost 150 years ago! Are things different today? Are you content, at peace? Or, are you insecure, uncertain about the future, ’quietly desperate,’ to paraphrase Thoreau’s words?
  Unhappily, there are many things in this world that rob people of inner peace. With their competitive lifestyle, most find themselves living a life that brings anxiety not peace. 
  Illness, war, crime, injustice, and oppression also rob people of peace. Many folks seeking inner peace…unlike Thoreau times, find there is no shortage of advice on how to gain peace of mind. Psychologists, writers of self-help books, even newspaper columnists offer their short lived advice, however something more profound is needed…Knowledge!


    Inner peace is the result of a quiet mind an inner quietness that allows you to see yourself and the world around you as it is, without any aggression, desires, frustration or stress. You can feel content simple just to be you…you don’t need to be rich, successful pretty or popular to feel this inner calm. All you need is to be able to take control of your mind and stop the constant thoughts that repeat themselves over and over again. 

   People that are peaceful are calm tranquil quiet and soothing to others. Inner peace is not a fleeting emotion…it is a state of mind. However, people who find this peace do not simply live every moment with a smile on their face. They still are ill and feel sorrow, after all…they are human! The only difference is there is a vast comforting space around such difficult times and an inner knowing that such times will pass. 
  There is also a light uplifting and joyful feeling toward others and yourself that makes you feel complete.  People who achieve this inner quietness generally show a kindness towards all living things and a deep appreciation for the natural world around them. 

   How can you find this inner peace? Finding peace of mind is not something you can buy anywhere, nor is it achieved overnight. It is a gradual process of self discovery and understanding. It is the most important journey you can ever set out on. Many who have achieved this peace can testify it only comes from Our God! Yes, it takes great dedication and a genuine thirst to want to be peaceful for yourself and others. 
  Within us there is already a peaceful mind but, it has been covered over in layers of disturbing and repetitive thoughts. You must have a genuine feeling to want this peace, more than a mere curiosity…it demands a great deal of inner strength and determination. It can be achieve by anyone whose thirst for inner contentment is strong enough.  
  Yes, peace of mind in this troubled world can be attained through knowledge of God and Jesus Christ that leads to an intimate relationship with God. In harmony with the words of the angels, Jesus brought a measure of inner peace to the meek. At the end of his ministry, notice what he said to his disciples at John 14:27 KJV. 

We sure hope this has given you a measure of solace. With prayer and yes, knowledge you can have inner peace/peace of mind...

Love to you all! 

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