Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deep Things to Ponder

      Good Evening Friends & Neighbors
Most of the time , if not all, when a thought provoking question is asked, I can answer them with a spiritual reply.
Simply put, I think of the way I feel, the way I think or reason on a subject.
Deep thought provoking questions have an immediate and indelible effect on the mind. Once a Powerful Question has been introduced to the mind it will immediately mobilize itself to find an answer.
Today, let's start with a simple question...
"What is the Meaning of Peace to You?"

This is a question that should be asked, if not by someone...
Then,  to yourself...

                   "Something To Remember"

Wishing you a lovely evening & a Blessed Sunday!


  1. I Love this! Something very good to remember. Rebekah

  2. Peace in this world to me was when everything was simple. No wars, violence, worries; so many dying and death. When children were able to live their lives without abuse! When life was slow, and things were cheap. When life had meaning; complete families...mothers and fathers in the home. There were so many positive things in this world when there was peace.


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