Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From My Journal

 Today: Tuesday September 20, 2011

My plans for this week: To organize my bedroom. I'm preparing for the children to come home during the holidays. So, a little packing, clearing closet space, washing and ironing curtains and bedding is in order. I also want to check out the new resale store that just opened in town. I'm sure bargains can be found. You know how I  love to haggle. I know I'll have to call for a little help so, I have my friend's number close by. She's a precious person  who helps when I need it.
  If all fails, I'll start writing copy for my column...before deadline. Later in the week, i'm going to bake Ms Fannie those tea cakes she's asked me for, then, i'll need to deliver them to her at the Nursing Center and spend a little time with her.

The weather here today: It rained last night, but not the amount we expected. Nevertheless, it did rain! Thanks be to our Father in Heaven for answering our prayers. Our neighbors in Texas got the most of it. I'm so happy for them...the fires, for the most part, are 100% contained! Thank You Dear Lord.
  It is a little overcast and weather forcasts have shown temps will drop because of a cool front from the north. Winds are north west at 15mph. Temp stands now at a nice 68 degrees. We are expecting cooler mornings and milder days. What a blessing! If I can, I want to get the sticks and small branches picked up from my front lawn. A bit of wind with the rain felled enough to make it look untidy.

PS. I hear the gardener out mowing the lawn or should I say the dirt! He was not scheduled to come back any more until next season. There isn't any grass because of lack of rain!
 I'm trying to get him to stop but, I can't get him to hear or see me. Oh well, I suppose hubby will haggle it out with him later. The nerve of that man!

My Thoughts Today: I'm thinking about my oldest son who is in the Navy and on his ship deep into another country. I really worry, but know I can't do anything so, I pray he is okay. My baby son is having problems with finances...aren't we all. He will work it out...he always find a way, another job! I'm thinking of a way I can see my grand's... they are so far away, California, PA and Florida. Maybe one day they will surprise me.
However, I do have some here with me.

My kitchen chores: Hubby has been helping me out doing the dishes and other things while I was unable
to, and things have become a bit unorganized. I need to rearrange the cabinets, especially the seasoning racks and clear out the refrigerators. That is one chores he does not like to do. He will put the pot of leftover food in the refrig rather than dish up the food to containers. He tells me this saves time for him when food has to be heated over! I see how the refrigerators get cluttered so quickly!

However, I'm grateful: For him and his love. He works a full day, then comes home to find me wiped out    from the many illnesses, and he never hesitate to jump right in taking care of it all! I thank God for him each and every day.

My Fur-babies: Need to visit the groomer but, she has been a bit under the weather lately. I use to keep them done but, it is extremely hard for me to do so now. I'm hoping she gets better soon, because they are beginning to look like little sheep with all that hair. LOL.

My Favorite: I have to work on it. It is my herbs that I need to get planted in my pots for the winter. I  ordered the seeds and they have arrived. Now, I have to do my part. Because I don't have the extra room as I did in the older home, I will have to improvise with pots and make room for them in my kitchen. I'm thinking about shelving. There is nothing like fresh herbs for cooking.

Craft Creations: I don't have anything done, however I have ideas to keep me busy during the cold months.

My Book Of Choice: I have a good selection of books, some I am re-reading for inspiration. These are in the Chicken Soup Series: reading now...Recovery Soul by Mark Hansen...very good. Also, I found this book a little while back in an old book store...Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories. Yes, I do love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I don't spend too much time on my selection because I have so much spiritual studies to do.

My Heartfelt Thanks: Goes to my Creator for His mercy and love. Importantly, for giving me life, understanding; His abiding love and forgiveness. I am daily humbled and in awe of  His Majesty and Righteousness; His underserved kindness. "Lord how can I not walk in Your ways of righteoness".

Although, this is the first of writings from my journal: I don't know if it will become a regular. I'm planning, in the future, and, on the page ...About Me...posts about...My Home Town. Working on it, stay tuned, see what developes.
From The Journals Of Loretta.


  1. Good morning Loretta. I'm enjoying this weather. Loved the cooler temps we had last week and am so looking forward to more of that this weekend. It's gonna be nice. Love reading what's going on with you. I know you think about that boy who is away and worry. I would too but like you say there is nothing we can do but pray for their safe return. Have a great day.

  2. Don't you just love how God always comes through!!!! He has blessed us with so much!!!!

  3. You are such a lovely person. I pray for your son who is serving our country. May you feel peace knowing he's in God's hands. It is so hard to be away from family. I wish my kids could be around their grandma too. Some day when we get to heaven there'll be no more goodbyes!

  4. Hi Loretta, many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for stopping by! I popped over to your blog too - that rocking chair is VERY inviting! The button to click to become a follower wasn't showing (I fing this sometimes with Blogger) but I will try again. Also I wasn't able to reply to your comment as you were showing as 'no reply comment blogger'. You may want to change this via Settings. Have a lovely day, Judith xo

  5. Keeping your son in my prayers. Loretta, I love Sherlock also. I have often thought of doing the Baker St. rooms in miniature along with Holmes and of course Dr. Watson in residence. One of these days, lol... Hugs, LJ

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment's on my blog...it help's so much to know people really do care.


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